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Call For Entries: Goddesses and Monsters

We find ourselves in the portal, in the space between breaths, the fulcrum between what was and what will be. In the streets, the people chant: another world is possible. Possibility, which isn’t like a promise, isn’t a guarantee. It is the thing you catch in the corner of your eye, a smell on a warm breeze, the feeling at the back of your neck. We can feel what is possible in our bones and we call it forth with our bodies. When it is time for the Earth to change over, to become something new, we do not find possibility in the familiar. We must venture to the tertiary spaces, the dark woods, the land of birth and death, the realm of goddesses and monsters. What are the futures that these beings hold for us: the things ready to die, the possibilities waiting to be born? Monster, from the Latin monstrum (divine omen, sign) a derivative of monere, to remind, bring to recollection, advise, warn, instruct, teach. What are the things from the old world that must not be forgotten? What are the lessons learned? What are the warnings for future generations? What haunts the margins, waiting to be let in, to burn this motherfucker down? Goddess, female deity, from god (originally a neuter noun in Germanic, gender shifting to masculine with Christianity), perhaps from Proto Indo European ghut “that which is invoked” or gheu “to pour libation.” What needs to be invoked? What needs to be called in from the outside, nourished in the light of our fire? What do we make sacrifices for? What are the sources of our otherworldly strength? What forms do our wildest dreams take? The Association of Hysteric Curators invites submissions of artwork that draws on archetypes of goddesses and monsters to address these themes, to build a collective of possible futures in the form of an exhibition. We strongly encourage submissions that meaningfully transcend masculinist tropes of goddess and monster iconography to create a wholly new genre for feminist art history. Our goal is to create an original pantheon of sacred images - both awesome and terrible - to guide and inspire us in our global struggle for gender equity and justice.


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