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ABOUT AHC        

The Association of Hysteric Curators (AHC) envelops a fluid, evolving, trans-generational group of feminists who gather to discuss contemporary feminism and the historicity of the term. 

We seek to explore notions of female protest and the presence of gendered articulations through a non-hierarchical structure based in dialogue and exchange. As we honor the lineage of feminist models, we dare to envision a future of human equality, knowing we must interrogate the customs of today in order to enable conditions for change. As a working model, we understand that democratic consensus is slow and laborious in comparison to the type of fast paced and often decentralized systems found today. The reduced pace of our methodology allows for ideas to ebb and flow through on-going conversations aimed at process over product.

We are invitational and open, focused on explorations of female power through vistas of holes, blanks, ruptures, and catastrophes. As an agent of chaos and change, we posit our curatorial agenda as a figurative fault line; our research a body of water formed in a valley between two plates; our legacy the large-scale lateral movement along hundreds of miles of the fault: watch us as we spread and break down barriers, expanding and amplifying our space in society.

Mission Statement


Association of Hysteric Curators:

 advancing the lives of feminist artists 


AHC Community Values Agreement

Collaboration-we will work together towards shared goals. Which means: to establish goals through consensus, to devise strategies collectively, and provide support to each member of the community to reach our goals. We are committed to a non-hierarchical practice where all contributions and perspectives are valued.


Communication - each member of the community commits to engaging in open, honest, and respectful communication. The organization agrees to create structures to facilitate open communication (regular check-in sessions, annual reports, etc.) and to keep records (meeting notes, email correspondence, etc.). We also understand that reaching consensus (as opposed to straight majority-rule or hierarchical leadership strategies) requires extra communication and time, so structures, timelines, and project parameters will reflect the time and emotional labor necessary to gain consensus, in particular when major organizational decisions are being made. When necessary, we will choose to make a decision the right way rather than the fastest way.  


We rise together -AHC participants agree to equally promote group participation in AHC sponsored events. Cross promotion is expected as we work to be a network of success for feminist artists. Though we value individual success, a reticence to promote the work of other members will lead to a restorative justice circle.


Sustainability - a commitment to creating an organization that will carry us far into the future. Working towards a financial future where all contributors and collaborators are fully compensated for their labor and establishing an organizational structure with equitable distribution of work to mitigate burnout.


Justice - in our work and conduct, we center the fight against anti-blackness, the dismantling of white supremacy, capitalism, cis-heteronormativity, and patriarchy. We affirm black and indigenous women, trans and queer people, workers, activists, and femme bodies. We will not tolerate any form of prejudice, harassment, intimidation, or bigoted speech.


Should a collaborator fail to uphold one or more of these values, a restorative justice circle will be called, facilitated by a qualified practitioner outside of the organization. If, after the restorative justice circle is completed, a contributor refuses to abide by the agreement reached in the session and/or continues to engage in behavior deemed unacceptable by the collaborative community, a consensus vote will be taken for agreed-upon action such as: suspending working relationships, terminating working relationships, removal of publication(s) from the site, and/or formal public statement from the community regarding offending behavior.


Membership Protocol


Members - attend curatorial meetings, write press releases, take on extra responsibilities


At-large Members - attend studio visits, participate in shows. Attend at least 2 events a year and promote events on social media or support in other ways. 


Guests - prospective members, allies, future collaborators. They are still expected to adhere to Community Values. 

Heading 6
Heading 6

Virginia Arce
Malado Francine *
Chelle Barbour
Eugenia Barbuc
Lili Bernard
Annie Buckley
Carolyn Castaño
Armando Cortes
Angel Chen
Cherie Benner Davis
Diana Sofia-Estrada
Rachel Finkelstein
Malado Francine
Alexis Garcia
Nat George
Christine Dianne Guiyangco
Hazel Handan
Zeal Harris
Emma Kemp
Isabelle Ludderodt
Maya Mackrandilal
Meg Madison
Elizabeth Medina
Rosalyn Myles
Mary Anna Pomonis *
Cindy Rehm *
Kim Russo
Allison Stewart *
Guita Tahmassebi
Kayla Tange
Kim Truong
Marjan Vayghan
Michiko Yao
Dajin Yoon
Anke Schulz
* = founding member

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