ABOUT AHC        

The Association of Hysteric Curators (AHC) envelops a fluid, evolving, trans-generational group of feminists who gather to discuss contemporary feminism and the historicity of the term. 

We seek to explore notions of female protest and the presence of gendered articulations through a non-hierarchical structure based in dialogue and exchange. As we honor the lineage of feminist models, we dare to envision a future of human equality, knowing we must interrogate the customs of today in order to enable conditions for change. As a working model, we understand that democratic consensus is slow and laborious in comparison to the type of fast paced and often decentralized systems found today. The reduced pace of our methodology allows for ideas to ebb and flow through on-going conversations aimed at process over product.

We are invitational and open, focused on explorations of female power through vistas of holes, blanks, ruptures, and catastrophes. As an agent of chaos and change, we posit our curatorial agenda as a figurative fault line; our research a body of water formed in a valley between two plates; our legacy the large-scale lateral movement along hundreds of miles of the fault: watch us as we spread and break down barriers, expanding and amplifying our space in society.


Virginia Arce

Malado Francine *

Chelle Barbour

Eugenia Barbuc

Lili Bernard

Annie Buckley

Carolyn Castaño

Armando Cortes

Angel Chen

Cherie Benner Davis

Diana Sofia-Estrada

Rachel Finkelstein

Malado Francine

Alexis Garcia

Nat George

Christine Dianne Guiyangco

Hazel Handan

Zeal Harris

Emma Kemp

Isabelle Ludderodt

Maya Mackrandilal

Meg Madison

Elizabeth Medina

Mary Anna Pomonis *

Cindy Rehm *

Kim Russo

Allison Stewart *

Guita Tahmassebi

Kayla Tange

Kim Truong

Marjan Vayghan

Michiko Yao

Dajin Yoon

* = founding member