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Exhibition: TERRAIN BIENNIAL LA 10.05.2019, 2-5 pm

It’s almost time! The Terrain Biennial 2019 will soon be underway. With more than 250 artist projects and over 500 participants, the Terrain Biennial 2019 has grown significantly since its last incarnation!

Terrain Biennial locations curated by the Association of Hysteric Curators with opening events:

Saturday, October 5, 2-5 pm, 5117 Argus Dr., Eagle Rock, 90041

Sunday October 6th, 2 – 5 pm 3651 Mimosa Dr., 90065

5117 Argus will feature a sculptural installation by Anaeis Ohanian, 66 pounds. Ohanian’s piece is a data visualization based on the estimate that the average American disposes of sixty- six pounds of e-waste every year. The installation will utilize sixty-six pounds of e-waste to create a hanging wave of keyboards, circuits and digital screens.

3651 Mimosa Drive will feature a wood sculptural installation by Rebecca Niederlander,ResoNation . Niederlander’s sculptures and site-specific installations address the individual’s position within the larger intergenerational community. These labor-intense abstractionsare an object lesson in both care and practice, building forms through repetition, incremental change and devotion. A garage mural painting will also be featured at the site by Nika Kolodziej, #GWOAT.Kolodziej’s mural is a boxer portrait of Clarissa Shield’s, referred to by her fans as the Greatest Woman of All Time. Pulling from the tradition of mural painting in Los Angeles, Kolodziej’s piece asks us to consider who are the heroic figures we put in the landscape and what kind of impact can an image of a powerful woman along the path of commuters change our vision of what greatness looks like.

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