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Care. Complicity. Critique. was comprised of a series of performance collaborations between Irish and Los Angeles based performance artists and a seminar discussing the modes of performance, politics and critique arising from the artists practices.

The program aimed to engage audiences with contemporary performance art and the modes of political critique that they enact. Bringing together key Irish and American artists working in the field at the Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles (CIACLA).The events occurred on the site of the Amanda Coogan's elaborate installation and performance piece for the Center, The Ladder is Always There, June, 16 and 17, 2019. The collaborative nature of the events made both the performances and the seminar possible. The shared curatorial process of open discussion with Dr. Katherine Nolan and Amanda Coogan made AHC's participation possible.

Performers: Lili Bernard, Michiko Yao, Therese Bachand, Claire Apana, Sarah Julig, Cindy Rehm, Thinh Nguyen,Katherine Nolan, Amanda Coogan, Mary Anna Pomonis,Marjan Vayghan, Dajin Yoon, Matthew Nevin, Tim Kline & Dean Robertson.

Speakers: Anuradha Vikram, Mary Anna Pomonis, Amanda Beech, Katherine Nolan, Amanda Coogan, Cindy Rehm, Thinh Nguyen, Meiling Cheng, Marjan Vayghan, Barbara T Smith, Kaucyila Brooke. Photo by Allison Stewart: Lili Bernard performing her piece, Donning and Dismissal of the Conqueror's Coiffure, 7/16/19.

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