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The Terrain Biennial is an international exhibition of site-specific art made for front yards, balconies, and porches. The Los Angeles event is sponsored by The Association of Hysteric Curators, an artist collective dedicated to advancing the lives of feminist artists. The Terrain Biennial Los Angeles will have two distinct openings. Sunday, October 1st, at the Mimosa Drive location, features the work of Tawny Featherston. This work is installed in the carport and accessible for viewing day and night, until October 26th.

The Biennial continues with a performance and installation day on November 12th, at both the Mimosa Drive and Crestmoore Place locations, as well as the footpath connecting the two, with events influenced by the mythology, ritual, and magic embodied in the artwork of the late Ana Mendieta. The November 12th event will include the work of over twenty Los Angeles-based performance artists and will premiere site-specific installation pieces by Rachel Finkelstein, Christine Dianne Guiyangco, Emily Sudd, and Kim Truong. Guiyangco, Truong and Sudd’s installations will be viewable from the street throughout the month of November.

Continuing a massive expansion that began with the second Terrain Biennial, Terrain has reached out to sites all across the country as well as internationally. In 2015, 75 artists and three collectives created site interventions at over 60 locations around the United States, and in other countries. The Terrain Biennial originated in Oak Park, Illinois, at Terrain Exhibitions run by Guggenheim recipient Sabina Ott.

Performances by: Eugenia Barbuc, Alexis Bolter, Annie Buckley, Sara Chao, Sarah Chenault, Armando Cortes, Siobhan Hebron, Raghubir Kintisch, Brittany Ko, Nika Koloziej, Maya Mackrandilal, Evelia Magallon, Christian Maldonado, Silvi Naçi, Thin Nguyen, Mary Anna Pomonis, Lynn Small + Dennis Paul ∞ CoLabART, Kayla Tange, Marjan Vayaghan, Nia Wilkinson, and Michiko Yao.

Installations by: Rachel Finkelstein, Christine Dianne Guiyangco, Emily Sudd, and Kim Truong

October Installation: October 1 - 26, 2017

November Installations: November 12 - December 8, 2017

Performance Day: November 12, 2017, 10a.m. - 7p.m.Performance/Installation Locations:

1) 3651 Mimosa Drive 2) 2643 Crestmoore Place

Los Angeles, 90065 Los Angeles, 90065

3) Along the footpath of Inglis Drive, an undeveloped road connecting

Mimosa Drive and Crestmoore Place in Glassell Park.

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