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All summer long during the run of the Carl Andre show members of the AHC have been conducting Ana Mendieta actions to raise awareness about Ana's work in the MOCA public Collection. We have passed out letters, handed out cookies an interacted with visitors and museum staff. Below is one of the letters we handed out to museum visitors.

Dear MOCA,

We are officially lobbying you to consider an Ana Mendieta show in your near future program. We feel that an Ana Mendieta show would draw incredible support for MOCA from women, people of color, immigrants and domestic abuse survivors. Mendieta's work continues to inspire a following among interdisciplinary artists, as her work shifts between different artistic forms, including photography, sculpture, video performance and drawing. Let Mendieta's work be her lasting legacy, not the controversy surrounding Carl Andre and her death.

Together with our allies we are lobbying for gender parity and diversity in museum exhibitions worldwide by 2020 and an Ana Mendieta survey show at MOCA in the near future. Only 27 % of MOCA's solo offerings have been of women artists and artists of color. We are optimistic that going forward MOCA can and will do better.

We are not asking for the Carl Andre exhibition to come down, however, we are asking that an Ana Mendieta show be produced to balance the current program. Though no gesture, or action, can revive Mendieta, we ask that you let her work speak in her place.

Viva Mendieta!


Association of Hysteric Curators

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