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Ana Mendieta was thirty-six years old in 1985, when she fell to her death from the window of the thirty-fourth-floor apartment she shared with her husband Carl Andre in Greenwich Village. Andre was tried and acquitted of Mendieta's murder, but many still believe she was a victim of domestic violence. While Mendieta's career was cut short, Andre has received art world canonization and is the subject of a major retrospective currently on view at MOCA. There has been no major exhibition of Mendieta's work in Los Angeles. Association of Hysteric Curatorsand others have been presenting actions and texts to protest the suppression of the circumstances of Mendieta's death in Andre's biography and to call for a major show of Mendieta's work in the city by 2020. At the time of her death, Mendieta was in process on an unfinished public work, La Jungla that was to be installed at MacArthur Park. On Friday June 9, Cindy Rehm will perform Traces (for Ana) to pay homage to the work and life of Ana Mendieta. My performance is scheduled to coincide with the rose moon and will begin at 7:30pm at MacArthur Park in the grassy area just off S. Park View Street, facing the Levitt Pavilion.

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