Submit an image of Ana Mendieta's work along with your written response to it to be included as didactic wall text for a proposed museum show. We will display the image along with your written description/response on our website.  


Please include:

  • year produced

  • title

  • size

  • medium


How to submit:

send your text here.



Ana Mendieta, Butterfly 1975, Super-8 mm film transferred to high definition digital media, black and white, sound, 1;36 minutes, Courtesy of The Estate of Ana Mendieta Collection LLC. and Galerie Lelong, New York

"Dissolve, on display, lose arms, like Nike of Samothrace, lose a face, like a tethered Caryatid, grow a patch like a Herm.  A butterfly is a body, of nobody, a migration from my temporary place in history." 

-Mary Anna Pomonis

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