AHC Call for Visual Art:

Kamala Stands With_______,

Black Lives Matters, LGTBQ+, Dreamers, Predict, AKA, Howard Alumni, voters rights, justice, teachers, veterans, small businesses, unions, families, you fill in the blank!

Kamala Stands with US 2020

How does Kamala stand with you?

Kamala Stands With is an online art exhibition and social media event created by the Association of Hysteric Curators to support the election of Kamala Harris for Vice President of the United States. Artworks will be featured in an online exhibition and widely distributed via social media.

How to participate: Create a portrait of Kamala Harris that shows her standing in support with/for others. Submit your digital image, information, and signed release form to AHC by October 3, 2020.

How to submit: Email a jpg of your image and your signed release form to associationofhystericcurators@gmail.com. The image file should be at least 1500px long and under 5mbs In the subject line write “Kamala Stands With”. In the body of your email include the following information for each work:


Title of image:

Size of physical artwork:

Answer to following prompt to be included in social media posts:

Why do you support Kamala Harris? Please explain in a sentence or two an issue or policy that is important to you and why you believe Kamala will stand with you on that issue.

Image by Marjan Vayaghan


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