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The exhibition “What She Said” runs January 17 - March 13, 2020. We are looking for visual work, 2D and 3D, as well as performances and other types of community practice proposals, the official entry email is: associationofhystericcurators@gmail.com . 

What She Said: Living in Dystopia 
Cassandra, Mepoho, the Oracle at Delphi, Himiko, Octavia Butler, Margaret Atwood…Throughout time and across all cultures women have held the role of prophet, oracle, seer, diviner. Their stories warned us where our society was heading. In exchange for their wisdom, they have been banned and burned, but also revered and channeled. She never stopped speaking and we never stopped listening. Sometimes it is a whisper and sometimes it is a shout. When she speaks to you, what does she say?

Call for submissions: The Association of Hysteric Curators and ace/121 Gallery in Glendale, CA will be presenting the exhibition “What She Said” January 17 - March 13, 2020. Submissions are now open for visual work as well as performance and programming through the run of the exhibition. The exhibition runs through Women’s History Month and Black History month and we are looking for programming that will engage these topics. There are also opportunities for educational components, so all workshops and arts education ideas are encouraged. Submissions are open to all Feminist-identifying artists. 


Submission Guidelines: Important Dates:December 5, 2019 Submissions of images and programming proposals due December 15, 2019 Notification via email January 7-13th, 2020 Work to be delivered to ace/121 GalleryJanuary 17, 2020 Exhibition OpeningMarch 13, 2020 ClosingMarch 13/17/18, 2020 pick up artwork


How to submit: Please email your submission to associationofhystericcurators@gmail.com with What She Said submission in the subject line. Your submission should include:

Jpgs of 1-3 artworks. If your work is sculptural/needs to be seen from different perspectives please feel free to send additional images, but please no more than 10. Image files should be: 72 dpi1000 pixels on the long side please title your images: Last name_First name_Title of artwork for video/film:mp4, mov, or link(s) to view online


An artist statement and bio, less than 500 words, included in the body of your email.
Programming proposal: If you would like to propose a performance, workshop, lecture, panel discussion, or anything else theme-appropriate, please submit 1-10 images (using above guidelines) and a pdf of your proposal that includes: 

Equipment/hardware needs including but not limited to: sound and/or lighting needs, technology (include what you can provide as well as what you will require)
Time duration and preferred days and times
If your performance includes nudity, simulates rape or sex, or could be triggering for people who have suffered trauma, the performance and context must be fully explained in your proposal.

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